Homeowners Advice: Get Ready for Fall

Colorful autumn trees landscape fall season

With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about seasonal home maintenance. It’s important to stay on top of projects of all sizes to retain your home’s best value. Though small repairs may seem insignificant, letting them add up can result in an overwhelming list down the road.

First, walk through your home and take a personal inventory of repairs that have to be addressed. They can include anything from paint that needs retouching, tiles that have to be grouted, squeaky doors—even a large-scale roof replacement. Budget and prioritize which repairs can be addressed now, which require a professional and which need to be put off until the funds are available.

Fall is a great time to address the needs of your property—all in beautiful Florida weather. After you take an inventory of your home’s needs, be sure to follow through with proper home maintenance. Your home’s value will thank you!

Besides specific home repairs, there are several seasonal tasks that every homeowner should perform. Find a checklist of important items below:

  • Call the AC guy: Your unit has been working hard all summer during the intense Florida heat. Now is a great time to service your unit before winter hits.
  • Inspect your roof: Look for signs of damage and wear. Clean any debris from gutters and downspouts. Not only is it unsightly, a clogged gutter system can back up water on your roof and result in unwanted leaks.
  • Check for bugs: With all of the rain and humidity, the past few months have been a paradise for bugs. As summer comes to a close, it is important to keep an eye out for remaining critters, especially ants, fleas and termites. Catch them early to avoid an infestation.
  • Fire safety: Test your smoke detectors and replace any necessary batteries. Confirm that your fire extinguisher is working. Review your fire escape plan (or create one if you don’t have one in place).
  • Outdoor maintenance: Ensure that your yard is properly maintained by picking up fallen branches and raking any leaves. Care for flowerbeds, and put down new mulch for a fresh appearance. After a busy summer at the pool, wash off outdoor furniture. Finally, don’t forget to clean the grill and check grill hoses.

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