6 Great Things About Living in Downtown Jacksonville

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Around 4,000 people have the privilege of calling Downtown Jacksonville home. There are so many reasons why living in Downtown Jacksonville is the best. Aside from being close to the beach and next to some of the world’s best golf courses, here are six great things about living in Downtown Jacksonville.

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6. Burrito Gallery

If you live in Downtown Jacksonville, you feel grateful to live so close to Burrito Gallery, arguably one of the best Mexican places in the city. With tacos like Cajun Mahi or Teriyaki Tofu, and burritos made with curry chicken or grilled veggies, you really can’t go wrong.

5. The Florida Theatre

http://ift.tt/Nua9D0 has seen acts as big as Elvis come through its doors. There’s also the historic and creepy tale of a spirit that roams the theatre’s balcony. There have been numerous paranormal investigations that have captured sounds and apparitions.

4. Wednesday Art Walk

Whether it’s raining or shining, the Wednesday Art Walk is happening the first Wednesday of each month in Downtown Jacksonville. From 5-9 p.m. you’ll find over 250 local artists wanting to share their craft with the rest of the community. You never know what kind of homemade treasure you’ll find each week.

3. Metropolitan Park

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Metropolitan Park, located along the beautiful St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville, has been open since 1984. You can spend the day relaxing or taking in a show at the park’s outdoor concert. There really is something for everyone at Metropolitan Park.

2. Water Taxis

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There is no better way to get around in Jacksonville than a water taxi. It’s definitely something great about living Downtown that you rarely see in any other city. Taking the daily route from the Northbank to Southbank riverwalks is made easy, cheap, and fun thanks to water taxis.

1. Off The Grid Galleries

Off The Grid Galleries gives artists the chance to showcase their creative skills and flex their artistic muscles by allowing them the opportunity to work in temporarily vacant space left empty by property owners. It’s an initiative that everyone who lives in Downtown Jacksonville can proudly get behind.

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