7 Unique Activities Only People From North Florida Will Understand

7 Unique Activities Only People From North Florida Will Understand

The people of North Florida have their own way of doing things, and their own ideas of fun. Not everyone in the country would get excited about a trip to the farmers market, or a day spent fishing on a canal overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. That’s what makes North Florida so special. Here are seven unique things to do and places to see that only people from North Florida will understand.

7. Bill’s Fish Camp & Motel – Suwannee


If you’re from North Florida and you take your fishing seriously, you’ve probably stayed at Bill’s Fish Camp & Motel. Located in Suwannee, it’s the perfect place to get away for a weekend, and a cozy spot to hang out when you’re not out on the water.

6. Aunt Louise’s Farm – Waukeenah

aunt lousies farm

Aunt Louise’s Farm features about 40 chickens, 30 goats, 15 rabbits, 14 ducks, 8 mini horses, quite a few turkeys and peacocks, and many many more animals. Aside from the farm life, the public shows up mainly for Aunt Louise’s pumpkins, fresh goat’s milk, soap, jams, and jellies. Not to mention the snow cones and cornbread waffles.   

5. Florida Historic Capitol Museum – Tallahassee

florida capitol museum

Only people from North Florida will understand the Florida Historic Capitol Museum. You’ve either been forced to go when you were younger on a class trip, or you have paid a visit recently to learn more about your state. Regardless, you now appreciate all of the history that is featured in the museum’s 21 rooms.


4. Alachua County Farmers’ Market – Gainesville

alachua farmers market

The Alachua Country Famers’ Market, located in Gainesville, helps growers generate sustainable income from farming. The public is buying from people who have personally grown what they are selling, and who can tell you how and where their crops were grown.


3. Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park – Tallahassee

battlefield bridge

The Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park is such a historic site because it’s where the second largest Civil War battle in Florida took place. Locals love to bring a picnic to the Natural Bridge. You can also fish the St. Marks River.

2. EcoMotion Tours – Jacksonville

ecomotion tours

Taking a nature hike on island trails with EcoMotion Tours is a true Floridian thing to do. These guided tours take you off the beaten path, as you explore the life and culture of Fort George Island Park.  


1. Florida Museum of Natural History – Gainesville

florida museum

An outing to the Florida Museum of Natural History is typical for anyone from North Florida. Because the museum focuses on preserving and interpreting biological diversity and cultural heritage, it’s a great place to learn more about the world we live in. The Florida Museum of Natural History truly attempts to make a positive difference.




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