Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 2016 National Award Winners from the Beaches Intracoastal West Office

Congratulations to the following agents on achieving the 2016 National Sales Award representing the top agents for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices! It takes exceptional abilities to reach the level of success to be a member of this elite group of real estate agents. We are truly honored to have you all as part of our team!

Chairman’s Platinum – Top one percent of the network.


Chairman's Platinum Beaches Jennifer Sexton

Chairman’s Gold – Top two percent of the network.

Chairman's Gold Beaches Tansy Moon


Chairman's Gold Beaches Lee Elmore


Chairman's Gold Beaches Lea Underwood


President’s Circle – Top four percent of the network.

President's Circle Beaches Bade Team


President's Circle Beaches Beverly Hecht


President's Circle Beaches Debbie Lupole Peterson


President's Circle Beaches Joy Gunter


President's Circle Beaches Marc Fagan Presidents Circle Beaches Al Kekec


Leading Edge Society – Top seven percent of the network.

Leading Edge Society Beaches Donna Warpool

Leading Edge Society Beaches Eve Krasutsky

Leading Edge Society Beaches Garry Adams

Leading Edge Society Beaches Joe Collerd

Leading Edge Society Beaches Karen Aibel

Leading Edge Society Beaches Katherine Davidson

Leading Edge Society Beaches Ron Taylor

Leading Edge Society Beaches Wes Mock


Honor Society – Top fourteen percent of the network.


Honor Society Beaches Allison Ginder


Honor Society Beaches Cameron Joeckel


Honor Society Beaches Carol Zingone


Honor Society Beaches Crystal Moyer


Honor Society Beaches Dawn Niermann


Honor Society Beaches Jan Ostler-Walker


Honor Society Beaches Missy Boyle


Honor Society Beaches Myrna Brannon


Honor Society Beaches Nushka Nelson Team


Honor Society Beaches Rebeca Pearson


Honor Society Beaches Solomon Patrick Team


Honor Society Beaches Willie Lane


Connect with all of our award winning REALTORS® at


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