REALTOR® Spotlight: Q&A with Anita Vining

Q&A with Anita Vining

Where are you from?

Meridian, MS is my hometown.

What brought you to real estate?

Moving to Jacksonville from Orlando in 1983… After being told by multiple people and an HR Director that I should pursue real estate, I became licensed in 1979.
Starting a family I placed working on hold until my children started middle & high school. Telling Pete I was only going to work part time, my famous last words and here I am 22 years later.

What actress/actor would play you in movie?

Maybe Susan Sarandon or Blythe Danner. Both have played southern roles.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

Loving food, Ruth Chris on river, Taverna, BB’s, and Bearded Pig my tops.

Thing you’re most excited about this year.

Every year seems to get better! Appears 2017 will be a learning Year and high hopes of America being Great again. Yay, as real estate predictions look really good!


For more information, Anita can be reached by phone at 904.923.1511 or at and San Marco/ San Jose office has locations in Avondale and San Marco is at 3627 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32205.



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