7 Out Of The Box Activities To Do In Northeast Florida


You know by now that there are a lot of things to do in Northeast Florida. You can head to any of the area’s beautiful beaches or check out some of the many alligators that live in this part of the state. But if you’re looking for unique ways to spend a couple hours or a couple days, here are seven out of the box activities to do in Northeast Florida.

7. Chamblin Bookmine


Chamblin Bookmine has been selling new, used, and rare books in Northeast Florida for so many years that it’s practically an institution – especially because their inventory is comprised of over two million novels. Spend a few hours getting lost in the world of literature at either of the two locations, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Treaty Oak

Treaty-Oak-690x517 (1)

The Treaty Oak is a live oak tree that boasts as many limbs as an octopus and is believed to be over two hundred years old. It’s a historic monument thanks to a fabricated story that claims a treaty between the Americans and the Indians was signed underneath this old tree. Now you’re able to visit it anytime in Treaty Oak Park. Make sure you bring your camera because you’re going to want to Instagram this feat of nature.

5. Sweet Pete’s


Sweet Pete’s is a fully functioning candy factory with retail areas that sell handcrafted quality chocolates and over a thousand different types of candy. Not only does this factory have its own restaurant, bar, rooftop patio, and dessert bar, it also features classes that teach the art of candy making, with hands-on interactive and informative sessions. You’re bound to be in for a sweet afternoon at Sweet Pete’s.

4. Abandoned Annie Lytle Elementary School


The Abandoned Annie Lytle Elementary School that used to be full of students is now full of ghost stories and overgrown vines. Rendered inconvenient to get to and noisy due to the highways that were built in the 1950s, this spooky spot has been abandoned since 1960. Yet there’s still something alluring and interesting about it, head on over to Chelsea Street to get a good look at this place and you’ll see what we mean.

3. Braddock Blueberry Farm



Check out Braddock Blueberry Farm for your fix of fresh locally grown blueberries. Nothing beats picking your own fruit and bringing them home in your own containers. The best part is that this amazing farm is close by, so you don’t have to go far to get fresh fruit and vegetables from hardworking, friendly people.

2. Mandarin Park


Mandarin Park, located in the Mandarin section of Southeast Jacksonville, is a unique place to bring a picnic – especially if your picnic includes oranges. This part of town is known for the Mandarin oranges that were grown in the area back in the 1800’s. The area’s residents had input on the design of the park and its facilities, which is why there are nature trails, a pier, a boat ramp, and of course an excellent picnic area.

1. Diamond D Ranch

Diamond D

If you’re interested in horseback riding, there’s no beating Diamond D Ranch. They offer guided trail rides around their five hundred acres or through the Jennings State Forest. It’s fun for beginners and advanced riders alike, with the option of riding for an hour or two – or even doing a trail ride that lasts either half a day or a full two days!




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